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Happy National Siblings Day!

I’ve been talking about this all day, I know, but I just LOVE this “holiday!”

As an adoptee, I’ve been on both sides of the sibling table. I went from none to four, and I just can’t get enough of them. I’m so glad we have an entire day dedicated to showing a little extra love to our brothers and sisters.

I have made it my mission to be the coolest big sister ever, and so far I think it’s working out okay. Being that half my sibling group can’t read yet (twins start kindergarten in the fall) and the other half still isn’t old enough for social networking, I figured my shout outs on facebook, twitter, and instagram wouldn’t mean much to them. They wouldn’t, after all, know they even existed. Instead, I decided to get some sweets for my sweets. SKITTLES! 


I hooked them each up with their favorite color bag of skittles with a sweet note.

I’m so very glad God has blessed me with the funniest, craziest, most adorable brothers and sisters I could have ever imagined. I can’t picture my life without them, and I certainly wouldn’t ever want to.

Delis, Dutch, Darcie, and Daire: thank you for making me the proudest big sister on the planet. I love you with all my heart. Happy National Siblings Day!


Mad love for these faces!


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(Open) Letter to my little sisters

After not blogging for a while, I logged back onto wordpress and stumbled upon this adorable blog right here. The author, Lynn, uses her blog to write letters to and about her little sister, Josie. I LOVE this idea so much that I can’t even put it into words. I might think about doing a version of this for all four of my siblings in the future, but for today, I’m going to write a letter to my sweet little sisters. Maybe they’ll read it when they’re older. I hope y’all enjoy it. :)

Darcie and Daire,

Sometimes my words fail me when I try to describe just how much I love you. My chickpeas, you are just the cutest, spunkiest, funniest little girls.

Even though we’ve talked about how we don’t share blood, four days ago you chewed out another little girl you had just met when she made an innocent comment about our lack of shared genetics. You say that our mama is OUR mama, and you couldn’t care less that she didn’t give birth to me.

You beat up our brothers. You’re the same little girls who, when I took you to meet the entire Grizzlies basketball team, responded to a compliment from Zach Randolph about how cute you are by telling him you already knew. When you attended that party with me, we were videoed and recently got added to the Grizzlies’ new promo video reel. Also, just for the record, you’re obsessed with the Grizz Girls dance team.

When I try to leave the house, you try to persuade me to stay by crying. Sometimes it works. And even though I hate the idea of you being sad, it makes me feel so loved.

I love it when the two of you get into little spats because, Daire, you have a vivacious imagination, and, Darcie, it drives you nuts. One day we were in the car when Daire said, “I member when I was a liddle biddy baby and I was just borned in the hops-spital and you was holdin’ me.” I tried to remind you that I didn’t know you when you were first born, but you kept insisting that I had held you in the “hops-spital.” It was such a big deal that I finally just let it go.

Darcie, when you sing Hypnotize by Biggie, it makes my entire being fill up with giggly goodness. It’s ridiculously cute. And Daire, you’re so good at lip syncing that it’s scary. One of y’all’s favorite things is to yell, “Turn it UPPP!” from my backseat when we’re driving somewhere.

You’re crazy in the most wonderful of ways. I hope that as you get older and begin to grow and change you never lose sight of who you are inside. Those core personalities are what make each of you so very special.

Unfortunately, my loves, life is far from perfect, and no matter how hard any of us try to keep you from it, you’ll make a lot of mistakes. I hope that you can learn from at least a few of mine. You’ll eventually start dating, and I hope that your bossiness sticks with you through that. Be watchful, and don’t let boys distract you from living your lives or talk you into things you aren’t ready for. Your hearts will get broken, and you will cry on more occasions than I care to think about.

When things get rough, I will be there with you every step of the way – to bail you out, hand you a tissue, and tickle you until your tears turn into happy ones. And during those times when it feels as if the entire world is crumbling beneath you, don’t you ever give up even for a minute. One of my favorite quotes says, “You find the strength you need.” “And when you can’t?” “You hold on until you do.” Remember that, Chickpeas.

You’re this elegant mixture of sweet and spicy, and I find so much joy in sharing my life with you. I’m so proud to be your big sister. Your lives are going to be so incredible, and I just can’t wait to see it all.

I love you forever and like you for always. As long as I’m living, my sisters you’ll be.



Sweet chickpeas at a Grizzlies game

P.S. You’re the greatest little sisters. Ever.

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