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Insider: What It’s Like to Campaign for Deidre Malone and Why You Should Vote for Her

A few days ago I finally had the chance to get more involved in Deidre Malone’s campaign for Shelby County mayor. I’ve been a supporter since the beginning, and I’ve been talking about her all over social media for a long time. But being actively plugged in to a campaign is always different, and plugging in to hers has only made me more confident in Deidre herself.

In case you don’t already know, I started working on election campaigns when I was 12. I’ve worked on behalf of so many candidates (and bills and amendments) that I would probably forget half of them if I tried to give you a list. It seems like I always campaigned for someone (or something) based on the alternative. For instance, I might have campaigned for candidate A because the thought of candidate B being elected was so scary that I felt compelled to prevent it from happening. That’s where Deidre Malone differs the most from the others.

I wholeheartedly believe re-electing Mark Luttrell is a mistake Shelby County doesn’t need to make. I wholeheartedly believe that Deidre is the more qualified and knowledgeable candidate. I believe in her platform, in the changes she wants to make and in her ability to make it all happen. But more than that, I believe in Deidre Malone.

Today’s average political candidate desires nothing more than a paycheck and, unfortunately, only fills office space while collecting it more often than not because most modern candidates are career politicians. Then you have the extremely rare people like Deidre, who are just regular folks with the desire to be the change they wish to see in the communities that surround them.

There is a certain calmness in her that I’ve never seen in a candidate less than two weeks out from an election. She’s grounded, genuine, human. Her campaign headquarters, located inside her public relations firm on Madison, is a cheerful, friendly place.

Inside those walls, what you see isn’t the typical campaign slabor. Deidre has created a campaign environment that nurtures young campaign workers. Running for office has always been on my “maybe” list for the future, but after this week, I’m claiming it as an official “to-do.” If you ask any millennial in the building about running for office one day, chances are he or she will answer affirmatively. The few who don’t want to run plan to work on campaigns behind the scenes. Deidre is responsible for that.

She’s the candidate who gives hugs and offers kind, encouraging words to everyone around her. She’s the candidate who will make fully funding education a top priority and bring good jobs to the areas of the county that need them the most. She’s the candidate who will help small businesses, expand healthcare services and do whatever it takes to make Shelby County great. She’s the candidate who is mentoring the leaders of tomorrow, who sees value in all people and who has a heart for the job. She’s the candidate who means it when she says, “Hi, I’m Deidre Malone, and I’m running for Shelby County mayor because I want to make Shelby County a great place to live today, tomorrow and for our future.”

Vote for Deidre Malone for Shelby County mayor because she’s the candidate we need.



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