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Finding my father: I’m closer than ever

Those of you who know me on a more personal level know that I have never met my biological father. I don’t even know his name. In fact, I’ve never known anything about him, except that, judging by my complexion, he is a white guy. I’ve spent my entire life wondering about him. At times, I have painfully agonized over not knowing any of the details about where or who I came from. It has been a struggle, because nearly everyone I’ve known has taken those basic privileges for granted. It would mean everything to me to know my dad’s name or even just general traits like his height or hair and eye color. 

Several months ago, I took a DNA test from AncestryDNA. It enabled me to see a layout of my entire ethnic background, which was an unbelievable gift. I secretly hoped it would lead to the discovery of my father, but I knew I probably had a better chance of winning the lottery. My DNA matches began rolling in, starting with about 250 4th-6th cousins who each shared 96% of my DNA.

Because I haven’t purchased a full-fledged membership, I don’t have the ability to initiate contact with other members. However, I can reply. When my most recent match, a third cousin who shares 98% of my DNA, popped up today, I received a message from her. This was the first contact I have ever had from a paternal relative, and I already love my “new” cousin, Cora.

Cora has been doing research about her genealogy since two years before I was born, and she messaged me to talk about our shared lineage. We ended up emailing back and forth a couple of times, and once I shared my lack-of-information story with her, she decided to call the phone number listed in my email signature (my cell).

Today I actually had a verbal conversation with someone related to my dad, and it was so amazing that it was hard for me not to cry right there in the middle of it. I pushed through, but I can’t stop the waterworks now.

My cousin, Cora, (I just love saying that!) shared a lot of her work with me, and while I’m still a very long way away from finding my father, I have a beginning. And more importantly, I know about where I came from!

Our great-great-great grandfather’s name was John Pierce. His wife, Nancy, gave birth to six children, including our great-great grandfather, William. His wife, Mary Ann, came from a long line of very wealthy plantation owners in Kentucky and Virginia. This wasn’t something I was particularly thrilled to hear, but it wasn’t all that surprising. And to be honest, I loved hearing all of it, even this ugly portion. Farther back, Cora has traced us to the family that brought the Quaker religion to America from England. And by traced, I mean that she knows who was on the boat when it landed in colonial America, and she has the documentation to back it up. How amazing is that?! My family brought the Religious Society of Friends to America!

The paternal side of my family has always been very prolific. Maybe that’s why I’ve always loved kids. :)

Unfortunately, this means finding my father will prove to be even more difficult because of the large pool I’ll be narrowing down. But honestly, if I never find him, I can live contentedly knowing that I’m a Pierce, a McQueen, a Bedford and a Willis. This information has made so much of a difference, and I can’t even begin to process that all of this happened today.

I might still be in shock, but it’s a very thankful state of shock.

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Happy National Siblings Day!

I’ve been talking about this all day, I know, but I just LOVE this “holiday!”

As an adoptee, I’ve been on both sides of the sibling table. I went from none to four, and I just can’t get enough of them. I’m so glad we have an entire day dedicated to showing a little extra love to our brothers and sisters.

I have made it my mission to be the coolest big sister ever, and so far I think it’s working out okay. Being that half my sibling group can’t read yet (twins start kindergarten in the fall) and the other half still isn’t old enough for social networking, I figured my shout outs on facebook, twitter, and instagram wouldn’t mean much to them. They wouldn’t, after all, know they even existed. Instead, I decided to get some sweets for my sweets. SKITTLES! 


I hooked them each up with their favorite color bag of skittles with a sweet note.

I’m so very glad God has blessed me with the funniest, craziest, most adorable brothers and sisters I could have ever imagined. I can’t picture my life without them, and I certainly wouldn’t ever want to.

Delis, Dutch, Darcie, and Daire: thank you for making me the proudest big sister on the planet. I love you with all my heart. Happy National Siblings Day!


Mad love for these faces!


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Manna Monday

I’m still working on my list of one thousand gifts. Yay for Mondays and for being intentional about sharing what you’re thankful for! So without further ado…


16. two dogs that are recovering well (one from shots and the other from getting spayed)

17. the spirit of national unity in the face of tragedy

18. courageous people who aren’t afraid to lay down their lives for those around them (John 15:13)

19. taking my little “siblings” out this past weekend and spend some quality time with them

20. an instructor who let me leave early during practicals last week (with no penalties) so that I could attend a friend’s funeral

21. kitties that like to snuggle

22. a lovely first day of a new class

23. determination and self-discipline

24. long hugs from people who care

25. hoodies

26. seeing & hearing Darcie and Daire laugh, shriek, and have the time of their lives playing on the indoor playplace/slide

27. pictures that are worth WAY more than a thousand words

28. grace

29. people who make me think a little harder

30. warm blankets

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Manna Monday

The authors of a few blogs I’ve recently started reading have committed to blogging about one thousand gifts they’ve received from God (just like the author of the book you can check out by clicking that link). They do this over a period of weeks, listing a certain number at a time one day a week. I LOVE (notice the emphasis) this idea, and I’ve decided to do the same thing here at “So I Was Thinking…” and call it Manna Monday. (Manna was God’s sustaining food gift to the hungry Israelites after Moses led them out of Egypt. You can read more about that here.)

The number might fluctuate a little, but I’m going to make a goal of having at least 10 items on my list each week.

One thousand gifts – the beginning:


1. the opportunity to get an education

2. the caffeine that helps wake me up daily so that I can go get that education

3. friends who share revelations they’ve had during their individual bible studies

4. the beautiful church I’ve been visiting in hopes of finding a new “church home”

5. the amazing friend/play mama who invited me to attend that church with her and who gives of herself daily

6. my first experience helping to decorate the outside of a house for Christmas (SO fun! I felt like I was in a movie.)

7. the love of all the silly, giggly, dramatic, craycray children in my life

8. living in Memphis – I have mad love for M-town.

9. technology (specifically the combination of calculators, computers, the internet, and google) that has been helping me with a project this week after I spent a month procrastinating

10. books

11. food coloring

12. Grizzlies season tickets

13. pets that run to the door to greet me when they hear me in the driveway

14. the spirit of the holidays

15. the people who surround me and fill my life with wonderful moments


Ahh, I love this! (I actually had to cut myself off.) Check back in each week for more Manna Monday! :)

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