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Women deserve life

This year I’m thankful for my power to educate myself and create change. That’s all I’m really trying to do in life. I want to make the world a safer, more compassionate place for everyone, especially children, racial and sexual minorities and women.

The last four months I’ve been tirelessly researching the backlog of rape kits that is currently plaguing our nation. I haven’t thought about much outside of the subject of rape, and let me tell you – after four months, it has gotten to me. I’m starting to crack a little, but it’s not because of the subject itself. The thing that wears me out, that makes me nauseous day in and day out, that keeps me up most nights is the acceptance of misogynistic attitudes and behaviors.

When we let political commentators like Rush Limbaugh hop on our networks and airwaves to claim that single mothers and prostitutes want to be raped, compare filibuster reform to rape, and repeatedly equivocate rape to an insignificant slap on the wrist instead of the traumatic, soul-stealing offense that it is, we are accepting his attitude.

As a result, more uneducated people are starting to believe his propaganda, and the women in this country deserve better.

We deserve to walk down the street without overwhelming feelings of fear. We should be able to go to parties, walk to our cars and live without being assaulted and treated like criminals by the police and harlots in court. We deserve life.

That’s all I want for myself and for all women.


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