Welcome to 2013

Happy New Year! We’ve all made it to see the beginning of a whole new year.

What’s in a year? According to RENT, it’s 525,600 minutes. But a year is more than a string of minutes to me. It’s a list of moments – filled with laughter, tears, and growth. 2012 proved to be a huge year for me. So much happened so quickly, and I learned many important lessons, including one about trying to plan out a life that was somewhat difficult to grasp at first. I grew a lot closer to God this year (the thing I’m most proud of).

It really has been a year. Like any other, it had peaks and valleys. Thankfully, I seemed to experience more of the former than of the latter. I failed and succeeded and gave it my all. And it didn’t turn out too shabby.

Even still, I have some plans for 2013. I’m not big on resolutions, especially at the New Year, because I feel like we can change whenever we want. There’s no need to wait for January 1st to try and live better lives. But in the spirit of the holiday, I did some reflecting and came up with a few things, some of which I’m sharing.

I want to become a better listener. I’m a natural talker, and that definitely helps me in the social skills department. I need to listen more though. And not just in that paying-attention sort of way, but in the way that allows me to absorb and comprehend and remember the information.

I want to become more organized. I’m overly-busy, and that doesn’t allow a lot of time for being successfully unorganized. It’s time to get it together and save myself the mini-strokes that inevitably follow the issue.

I want to be better… give more… love more… just BE more. There’s always room for more, and you can’t ever stop growing and changing for the better.

So here’s to 2013 and another chance at getting it right this time! Cheers!

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